Yesterday, nowadays

P 55

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk back time often called the good old days – probably more our point of view.

In the good old days, they have their problems too.

An alsatian ‘walk around’ museum with both alive performers and working units.
It’s a museum village where the buildings are separated carefully where they were
only to be moved to this “village” and reassembled – stone by stone, as they were.

P 51

This guy he looks happy and for sure believed he was running the business.

P 52 P 53

No it wasn’t a saloon.

P 54

Old blue village house.

P 41

Old water mill in the late afternoon sun.

P 47

New made in old frames.

P 48

Guess the lady wait inside while her panties get sundried.

P 49

Carriage house with indoor gutter to collect rainwater in a bassin.

P 50

P 45

Old fashion works.

P 56

An old forge, the  home of the old-time handyman.
At that time the blacksmith served as the village’s dentist too.
There was only one treatment in addition to maintain the teeth – that was pulled out.

P 57

The old barbershop – news focal point too.

P 58

Old sawmill.

P 34

Toothache – to bite into a fresh onion could keep the blacksmith away – maybe.

25 tanker om “Yesterday, nowadays

  1. I like very much this village-museum! I’m a nostalgic of the good old times… 🙂 Great pictures as usually dear Drake. Thanks for sharing all your travels, walks, rides, excursions… I can travel and dream a bit too, with you. 😉

  2. Billederne er dejlige, Drake, men dine medfølgende kommentarer redder aftenen 😀 Svinet, som har et øje på hver fing.. – Nåh nej 🙂
    Desuden var jeg begyndt at forestille mig John Wayne komme stavrende ud til sin hest og redde kvinden, hvis tøj er draperet på snoren 🙂 🙂

    • #.hanna
      Han var skøn, hængende ud af døren som om han ejede hele svineriet – jeg måtte også hen igen da jeg forlod museumslandsbyen – bare for at hilse af både for at sige tak fordi vi fik lov at gå rundt og tak fordi han gad ‘råbe’ efter os når vi overså noget… 😀

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