Bridge over duckweed

P 94

Bridges don’t lead to or from but connects two places – sometimes two worlds.

Bridges are an important ingredient in the expectation of where we are headed.
Even if the water below is entirely covered with green duckweed.


13 thoughts on “Bridge over duckweed

      • I followed your link, then googled it & found that it is in parts of Canada. Seems like half the people here are trying to get rid of it & the other half trying to buy some.
        I never heard the word duckweed before in my life, and I have never seen any.
        Maybe there is some in the High Park pond, & I will check next time I go, as many swans and ducks go there.
        Definitely there is no Duckweed in the lake across the street.
        Well, this is another thing I have learned from you! TY dear LDN! xx

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