Walk on by

R 49

The roof of the international railway station in London, St Pancras.
Of course, viewed from the inside.- perhaps a creative functional decoration in itself.

The entire railway station is fascinating, but more about this on next monday walk.

The weekly photo challenge “Ornate

R 50

Wonder if this brave englishman-sculpture is worrying about the roof.?

R 53

Sir John Betjeman (lived 1906-84), an english poet, writer, and broadcaster
who described himself in Who’s Who as a “poet and hack”.
He was “Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom” from 1972 until his death.
The sculpture is the work of the artist Martin Jennings.

Betjeman was a passionate defender of old victorian architecture,
honoured with this statue in recognition of his impressive work,
to save this old building after it was threatened with demolition.
A renovation that was completed in 2007 if I remember correctly.


10 thoughts on “Walk on by

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  2. I have always called that station “St. Pancras Cathedral”- so much more like a church than a railway station. Yes – john Betjeman loved “Victorian Ornate”. I once attended a course of lectures by him on “Victorian Belfast”- a really enjoyable experience. Des.

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