Started with a kiss

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A kiss is always a good start, a visit at St Pancras in London could start that way.
a statue of an intimate pose by the world renowned sculptor Paul Day.

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A small walk in surroundings of London at first view, when arriving by trains.

St Pancras is the international railway station in the city of London.

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Two out of three special St Pancras sights.
The clock, the statue of the two lovers, the third is the Betjeman statue.

This is the “official” place for meetings too.

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An external video about Paul Days sculpture in St Pancras railway station here:


24 thoughts on “Started with a kiss

  1. The detail in the statue’s base is quite incredible, Drake! Many thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s quite a long walk to the trains and I did a bit of window shopping on the way. Awfully tempting to hop on one. Lille maybe, or Brussels? I’ve never been to either. 🙂

      That statue is so fascinating, not the kiss but all those fascinating details… 🙂

      Those Euro-trains are so perfect – less than 2½ hours from Paris, really like this way of traveling – you won’t regret join a trip with them – Brussels is even shorter than Paris and an amazing city absolutly worth visiting… 🙂

  2. Thanks for this share! While in a station “the kiss” statue can be emblematic , I was shocked by the complexity of the statue’s base: incredible!
    You did a great work, Drake!

  3. Very interesting post! I didn’t know there was a so beautiful station in London… thanks for sharing. I like very much the statue of the two lovers 😉 :-*

    • #.aurore
      Absolutly worth visiting – arriving for London from Brussels, Paris and Lille so we all end up there – south english travellers jump off the station just before namely Ashford… 🙂

      “hehehe” – the statue is very inspiring – seriously it’s very amazing… 🙂

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