Red line through a red box

R 68

We feel connected when we see these in the cityscape.
But they only work if we put something in them.
Preferably stamped and addressed.

Some friends’ son when he was about 3-4 years old, he asked me how they did work.
Replied with a smile that inside there was sitting a not so tall person.
Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman – just waiting for one to put a letter into it.
So whistling the post(wo)man out with the letter to the one who should have it.

Now, twenty years after, the young man every time he meets a mailbox on his way.
Then he my godson laughs and thinks of his “old godfather”,
whom he could and still can ask about everything.
He say he always clap the mailbox friendly and says loudly:
“Bring a greeting to my old godfather”.