This way please

R 93

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
This is a relaxed walk in some of the streets of Liverpool during a (mon)day.

R 72

Hasn’t the feeling at all that the city buses are running on a race.
But still wouldn’t be surprised if we could play on the buses at the bookmakers one day.

R 86

Every larger city see this almost every day, in a way a part of everyday life.
Almost invisible everyday heroes, but we can hear when they are on the way to work.

R 87

What are more relaxing than traffic jam.?

R 88

Some have to do the dirty work, often early in the morning.

R 89

Let’s the game start.?

R 90

The lovely elder couple enjoyed the street music – and spent a coin or more.

R 91

New guests coming to the city, where baggage is unloaded.

R 92

Music in the streets at late evening, we could really start dancing in the (moon)light.