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By using trains, aeroplanes, ferries, cars and that kind,
we always uses a track other have made before us.

Older daily prompt theme “Crossing trip

By using sailing boats, mountain bikes or dromedaries so we can make our own path.

Not necessarily alone, easily be in the company of others or cross other people’s tracks.

Irish Sea, Sahara and french Alpes.

01 83

01 58


9 thoughts on “Crossing

      Life isn’t a matter of risk or not – at least not for me – it’s a matter of finding our own path which easily can be together with other and easily too – crossing similar paths from others – when I was a kid a very old man lived next door to us – he was soldier in WW One and was wounded there – he always said “Learn from others mistakes but never forget making your own too – see others footstep, but never forget making your own too”… 🙂

  1. Interesting combination of places! Sahara I do not know – nearest I got to it was the Sirocco experienced at Marseilles – that was close enough. Irish Sea and Alps another story. Des.

    • #.des
      I’am so lucky that I have old friends living both on the edge of Sahara and half up in the Alps – so I have an “excuse” for visiting these places regularly – Irish Sea and Liverpool I visit two to three months each year – Marseilies is a fascinating city a kind of an european gate to Africa… 🙂

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