Green winter

029 021

Winter is a kind of hibernation on the small tiny island, even without snow and frost
Yet this year, winter weather hasn’t announced its arrival.
Nevertheless the island relaxes from the many tourists throughout the year.
Not only humans but also animals and natural surroundings.

The mill as always looks the same, only the surroundings follows the seasons.

029 016

This thick piece of tree trunk on the meadow waiting for the big Hereford bull.
The 800 kg heavy guy usually go here and play with the block as if it were a matchbox.
to the tourists’ great enthusiasm, but just now the bull resting in a straw-filled barn.

029 018

The campsite used to be filled with relaxed people.
Children at play, women in chattering talk and men in competition
to boast the most with colorful stories – in which they have leading roles themselves.
Now rain water have gathered in a little tiny lake.