Sparkling water

S 83

Waves can seem so powerful, so dominant and so invulnerable.
Nevertheless they are extremely fragile and easily broken.
When they hit the northwestern corsican rocks..

The worth visting Ailsa and her weekly challenge, this week challenge “Waves

20 tanker om “Sparkling water

    • #.thom
      Yes probably the old same story again “the one who laughs last, laughs best” or something like that… 🙂

      All the best HNY wishes for you and yours from here… 🙂

  1. Well…. I really like this pic. I like sparkling water in a glass…. very refreshing!
    I like you.
    So much water on your blog. Of course, as a Drake, that’s a given. Do you like wheat? Do drakes eat wheat?

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