Opaque color

T 00

Nature is so colorful, jocular and entertainingly unpredictable – when it’s in the mood for it.


16 thoughts on “Opaque color

  1. Envy, envy, envyyyyy you the snow!! Is it real, I mean from now??
    Gosh, it’s raining cats and dogs in Bonn. 😦
    Next week I’ll hopefully see snow in Norway. Yesterday was 40 cm and -16°, so I’d suppose the chance to experience white winter is pretty good, after all … 🙂
    Have a lovely day, Drake!

  2. A perfect white setting for an ebony black drake.
    I really want to do a winter white gown now, but my next one is already started! (she’s red & white) Your tux is going to lose its cool! Maybe you’ll have to hire that snappy guard dog, again!

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