Why on earth

034 002

Blinded by the light.
A gable with a small hatch in the strong winter sunshine.
People with color blindness, sometimes creates problems
to differentiate between some red and green colors.

Odd Ball Challenge – Cee and her worth visiting inspiring challenges.

T 52

Save your kisses.
Probably this “dromedary-guy” is almost sick and tired
because his girlfriend just behind wants to kiss all the time.?

T 57

Stay away from me.
Seems more warlike than one seventy pound watchdog.?

T 66

Often there is talked about “stairway to heaven”.
This must be for the lazy ones “cableway to heaven”.

9 tanker om “Why on earth

  1. Great series and recently there was an NFL football game with old school uniforms and I guess the colors were so close that they had complaints about color blind folks not tracking teams!

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