Geothermal heat

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Peat has always been a natural warmth resource.
All modern times focused think it’s too difficult.
Elsewhere it still used – irrespective of some work by the product.
Dug up mechanically and kneaded in long rows – portioned and sun-dried.

Could it be closer to nature heat.?

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7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 3

I was challenged by a fellow blogger, Stella, for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge.
Giggles & Tales” or “Simple Dimple”
A person who has made the opposite journey than I – she moved to Denmark.
An interesting and inspiring pen or should we say fingers on the keyboard.

I’ll turn round the challenge to those who read this – with a link for excellent nature pics.
So if not knowing Zannyro and her “The window into the woods“ is chance for change.