The sleeping fairy tale.

036 002

Former fishing hamlet, now mostly tourist area – waiting for the rush, the season.

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
The tiny danish island named Samsø and a “let your thoughts flow” harbor walk.

039 009

Changes often creates temporary (hopefully) mess.

039 010

Originally a small fishing village with a small boatyard which closed about 50 years ago.
An inventive merchant started about 150 years ago, a ship chandler and a ferry service.
This business is today exclusively for tourists’ delight with lots of local specialties.

039 005

A new small ferry harbor built a little further south,
because the traffic would damage the atmosphere in the the fishing hamlet.

039 006

The tiny white building recalls a time when the locals burnt bricks for own houses.
Time is out for this type of small industry, where only mass industry generates profitability.

028 012

019 021

039 007

Changes in the harbor environment to tempt even more boaters to the harbor.

039 012

Fishing equipment are sun-dried before being used in the water again.

039 011


7 tanker om “The sleeping fairy tale.

  1. That sailing boat looks beautiful, Drake! 🙂 What kind of industry is the very tall building at the centre of your harbour shot? Many thanks for joining me again. A happy Easter to you! Where will you be spending it?

    • An old dutch ship which from time to time have a break in the small harbor or just outside it.

      The tall building is animal feed business, DIY market and timber trade- the only one of the island.

      Easter is fun because the danish easter holiday is a whole week – so my danish friends have some difficulty understanding that I don’t have a week off too – sunday we’ll visit my son and his sweet wife in swiss Basel, not that far from Kaysersberg… 🙂

  2. Memories of Denmark flood back to me as I look at your images. It must be wonderful to travel as you do, and yet, I wonder if you miss your homeland?
    I too hope the ‘mess’ is temporary! 😉

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