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V 26

Westfalenstadion in german Dortmund last eve, young thoughts on the run far away,

Daily prompt “Faraway“.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts support

    • #.sachie
      Since I was 7 years old I have had relationships with people in and around Liverpool FC through a same age friend who had a hungarian father and an english mother (liverpool born) – I’m not a traditionel soccer supporter, but still follow the club when I have the time – Dortmund isn’t far from where I live so that’s the reason why I was there – in fact Dortmund and Liverpool are two clubs who have friendly relationship across the borders… 🙂

  1. Hey Ledrakenoir,
    i was born in Dortmund…and yes…both towns are working class towns …in german : malocherstadt…yesterday, bevor the …strukturwandel (another german Kindergarten :-) there isn’t any coal mine or steel factory around…again like the situation in Liverpool…but this thursday i am only… Dortmunder… 🙂
    best regards, Jürgen

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