Faked away

V 47

Daily prompt “Fake

Hanging in the bar, we can meet different worlds
The real world.
The illusionary world.
The fake world.
Probably all depends on, how much we drink.

Sometimes the real world could be both faked and illusionary.?

9 tanker om “Faked away

  1. When you think of a classic Bar this is the one that comes to your mind….
    Love the photo , primarily , but then you’re right matching the word “fake” to the illusionary world you may meet here….

  2. Oh, Drake – you got it, spot on.
    This is exactly it – all depends on the amount of alcohol intake we get. A sip and the real world is enhanced – you see even the most minute details. Then comes the illusionary world where we think of life as we would like. And then the fake world, where suddenly it’s all a blur and no ugliness can exist – or perhaps, where all the falsities hidden in a person are exposed.

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