Abandoned by circus

052 002

Daily prompt “Circus“.

The smaller road circuses traveling from town to town only a day or two each location.
Not the largest cities, but mostly full-filled performances.
Well known are these long slow rows of wagons filled with gear, animals and so on.
Pulled by old trucks or tractors, often each with several wagons behind.
Last of all each also have a small mobile place for sleeping.

They aren’t new those rolling bedrooms, this one broke the wheel axle.
Then it was left back at the roadside next to an old house.
The house owner dragged it into the far corner of the garden.
Where it for 25 years has served as storage for all the garden tools.

Mental cleaning

051 006

Daily prompt “Blank

To be blank from time to time isn’t a catastrophe.
Not to be it would be a far greater disaster.
The fear of being outside, should never trump heart sense.

Our body and brain moves aren’t always at the same pace.
So we must stop so they can be harmonized.

We clean our pcs.
We clean our homes.
We clean our car.
But forget the most important thing, ourselves namely..

Nature can help us.

For your eyes only

052 004

Not a drive-in restaurant but a fly-in restaurant.
In terms of visits, a five star Michelin restaurant worth.
From my parents’ garden – a very large old overgrown garden.
Perfect for small wild birds, which especially my mother’s huge passion.

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A small walk just outside the house of my old parents.
At the risk of meeting perhaps 20 different species of small birds.
In addition, pheasants, ducks, geese, oystercatchers, jays, lapwings and more.
Not to forget, hedgehogs, deer and occasionally a fox too.


The hedge-sparrow very often guest with their nests just nearby.


Yellow-hammer do enjoy the dinnerparties along with the pheasants, a very friendly bird..


The wagtail examines the lawn thoroughly for insects.


Common-pheasant, according to himself the king of the garden and not common at all.

The bird doesn’t bother knocking on the pane of the “ceiling to floor window”.
Just to tell he has arrived with all his many wives.
If the cats in the house looking out the window, so they get a few straight “words” too.


The great spotted woodpeckers are very often guests and learn their kids where to eat.

051 020

052 008

052 009

Business as usual

051 015

Grazing dairy cattle, a quarter of the entire flock.

Daily prompt “Orderly

The cattle sleep inside at night, after the morning milking they are sent out to the pasture.
Where they remain until the evening milking in the late afternoon.
Everything is already scheduled for the cattle everyday.
Same routine at the same time everyday, indoor feeding, health care and milking.

The time where the cattle are going back to the barn in the afternoon match with time.
Where the nearby church calling sun down so therefore,
they start to go home when they hear the church bells.

There is the peculiarity that if the church bells ringing for some other reason.
It may be common worship, funeral, wedding or afternoon choir.
So the cattle trudges home too, where they don’t understand that the farmer isn’t ready.