Question of balance

Z 16

Probably those birds sing “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For”
or they misunderstood “Whiskey in the jar” as “Whiskey in the jay”.?

Cee and her worth visting Odd Ball challenge as the inspiring push.

Z 31

The inner courtyard of Burg Eltz, a bench placed strategically at the entrance.
The about 900 year old castle has been owned by the same family over the years.
Thirty-three generations maybe all the castle lords have used it as their smoking bench.
Maybe their wives have said “If you must smoke, do it outside”.?

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    • #.resa
      The bird is called jay, without any epithets, by english speakers in Great Britain and Ireland (or otherwise eurasian jay). It is the original ‘jay’ after which all others are named – in Denmark it is called “Forest Jay” – the eurasian jay is a species of bird occurring over a vast region from Western Europe and north-west Africa to the indian subcontinent and further to the eastern seaboard of Asia and down into south-east Asia… 🙂

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  3. Perfect photos for the Odd Ball challenge. I love those two “jays” thanks for the information about them, their wings serve as hints. They might be arguing, too. And the photo of the smoking bench…whoever did the brick/stucco work had a sense of humor…I see a camel w/throne atop; and a genii lamp. Very deserving of Cee’s featured challenge reward!

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