Abandoned by circus

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Daily prompt “Circus“.

The smaller road circuses traveling from town to town only a day or two each location.
Not the largest cities, but mostly full-filled performances.
Well known are these long slow rows of wagons filled with gear, animals and so on.
Pulled by old trucks or tractors, often each with several wagons behind.
Last of all each also have a small mobile place for sleeping.

They aren’t new those rolling bedrooms, this one broke the wheel axle.
Then it was left back at the roadside next to an old house.
The house owner dragged it into the far corner of the garden.
Where it for 25 years has served as storage for all the garden tools.

7 tanker om “Abandoned by circus

  1. Love this! I grew up in a small town that had a traveling circus, which my family attended whenever we got the chance. Some of my best childhood memories are of that little traveling circus and I even had a childhood dream to one day run off and join the circus. Thank you for posting this awesome picture, Drake. Your friend, Kat.

  2. Nice! I think many of us have similar memories. My husband and I are downsizing big time and built a tiny house not much bigger than the travelling circus. I will post pictures for sure 🙂

  3. Thanks Andrik for coming by my blog – I love this caravan – it could be pulled along by the VW in my post :>. I meant to say – although I didn’t want to go on too long with the post about cars and bikes – that Copenhagen is of course one of the world’s best for bikes so a true feather in the Danish cap for that!

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