Color of wrath

V 71

Sulfur-yellow spot on each cheek, wonder if the bird is angry.?

Daily prompt “Angry

Some might believe the color red among all the things it contains is color of anger too.
The red dress in bullfighting is illusory, cattle and thus bulls too, they are color blind.
But despite all the emotions in red, then probably it is a different color having the title.

Sulfur-yellow; according to many the devil’s favorite color and considered to be,
the real color of anger. (Whitish-yellow with greenish tinge).

Maybe anger have completely different indicators than colors, don’t know.


8 thoughts on “Color of wrath

  1. The Puffins that I met on the island of Staffa were extremely friendly. They have learnt that humans are a good protection against their natural seabird predators who tend to avoid humans. The beaks become brightly coloured in Springtime and are thought to act as a means of attraction possibly as the brighter the beak could indicate a healthier bird. We have a lot to learn ourselves about the language of colour!

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