Odd moments

Z 47

Impressive that this machine can create a paradise of vegetables on a barren field.
Okay it draws a lot of different tools behind.
All Americans will undoubtedly exclaim, “Yeah, it is a John Deere”
It is seen in Europe as well.

Cee and her worth visting Odd Ball challenge as the inspiring push.

Z 50

Sometimes sustainability is not visible and we can doubt about safety.
Security can’t always be evaluated by the naked eye.
This part of a ship’s mast work perfectly and can’t be seen when the sails are set.
Being confident is as much eye-emotional as actual facts.

Z 63

“Tug of war” in the port of french Le Havre.
A favorite sport especially for festivals, markets and things like that
Right here, size didn’t matter  – the little one won.
Not sure if it cheat or not.?

2 tanker om “Odd moments

  1. Fun trio here – and the little boat won because it was built for a different purpose – and in its element maybe (or cheated – ha!)
    Also – cool view of the ship’s post and lines and you have me thinking with the talk of how the sail hides the hardware and all that.
    Lastly – did you k ow I used to have a 5 year old art student who could draw John Deere tractors – it was his “thing” and was funny! Have s nice Sunday !

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