Written in the clouds

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Daily prompt “Awe

Smoke signals are a kind of visual communication.
Which can be used over relatively long distances.
It has been used both in North America and China.
Often used among the native american people as communication.
In the childhood we were very fascinated by their way of view of the nature and life.

This way of communication too.
About the nature-born clouds, so we always tried ‘reading’ those imaginary messages.

Still have a huge respect and fascination of the relation to nature of the native americans.

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5 thoughts on “Written in the clouds

  1. They do look like smoke signals. I agree, it is astonishing the ways people have found to communicate through the ages.

  2. Beautiful images! I agree with you about everything you said in this post. Me too, I like trying to read messages through clouds. To stay with my nose pointng to the sky and look the clouds is my favourite sport 😀

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