To admire isn’t just to follow


Follow what you feel for, and not only because it’s a bus.

Daily prompt “Admire

There are lots of people I admire and respect,
but I don’t necessarily want to be like them.
I’m too happy being myself
*James D’arcy – a Buckinghamshire born english actor*

The voice of the wind

Y 86

Pyrenees backlit, where the wind has a large share in the creation of this panorama

Daily prompt “Wind

My friend the wind will come from the hills
When dawn will rise, he’ll wake me again
My friend the wind will tell me a secret
He shares with me, he shares with me
*written by Robert Costandinos and Stylianos Vlavianos*

High Five

Y 81

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme this week “Pick a word

The five selectable keywords:

Thierry Omeyer a french handball goalkeeper of high class even though he turns 40 soon.
Goalkeepers are very special, it must be because it is a very ‘lonely’ position,
where +100 kilo opponents throw themselves over the 3 metre line and shoot at them.
They are actually exposed a kind of persuit.
They possess extreme level of personality.
They are expected to be effervescent.
They have a “peculiar” way to transform stress and situational awareness in action.
An attitude freely seen as arrogance or charism which gives a tinge of veneration.

Y 80 Y 82

Never waste of time

Y 78

Daily prompt “Elusive

We can never draw conclusions from more than from our own experience.
Irish people are party animals, the good charming way.
They can be a little melancholy when they get a little drunk, but still elusive trouble.
It may be night journeys in Paris, Liverpool, Dublin or Aarhus, not seen any problems.

This is from an overnight stay in Lyon last month.
We were going to Nice for sailing to Corsica
some Irishmen were in the city due to some football.