Touch of yesterday

Y 29

Unbottled corsican wine grapes.

The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk uphill the french Corsica while enjoying the inspiring nature.   .
The target is what some would call a place of abandoned ruins.
But more a walk through history with an inspiring atmosphere.
The “former” town of Occi (not far from Calvi) with so many facets of inspiration.

Occi was probably founded in the 12th century as a settlement of farmers.
They were tired of the constant struggle for usable land in Balagne.
The Balagne is still known as the garden of Corsica.
With agricultural products which brought the region the great wealth. but turmoil too.
In Occi lived mainly farmers who delivered themselves, self-sufficient from the outside.

In Occi only the church Annunziata are preserved all by a generous donation.
All by the model and actress Laetitia Casta, whose father grew up nearby.
From time to time services are held here still.
Although the last inhabitant of Occi disappeared in the early 20th century.
Once a year is a small procession in honor of St. Nicholas,
the patron saint Occi, is done through the deserted streets.

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6 tanker om “Touch of yesterday

  1. So pretty, the clear blue skies and ruins, oddly, it gives me inspiration for a story idea 😁 thanks for this information – Michelle

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