Hidden history

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The inspiration comes from “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A short walk the narrowest point of the tiny danish island Samso.
The target is what we could call a place of history,
where danish vikings pulled their boats through when they had to hide.
This took place in the Viking Age nearly 2,000 years ago,
through a channel created back in the Ice Age – to the west open sea.
To the east there was a shallow fjord, where there were settlements too.

Over the years there have been natural uplift of the ground so what,
in the Ice Age were two islands are now connected without water..
Already in the Viking Age it was only a channel with shallow water.
Probably they had to unload the boats before they could pull them through.
But the trip around the island either south or north was too dangerous.

Mostly tourists didn’t catch the story even many locals didn’t.

Just because the nature hide away the history as it often do.

060 014

Dummy skeleton of viking boat made of iron instead of wood, the original material.
But in this case so iron more durable as exhibition material.

060 015

View of the channel right east straight against the low safe water.

060 016

View to the west, the road north-south is seen a bit just few meters back.

060 017

Another angle of view against east.

060 018

060 019

View straight to the west.

060 020 060 021 060 022 060 023

8 tanker om “Hidden history

  1. Jeg har været der, Drake 🙂 Interessant ingenørarbejde. Forestil dig The Sea Stallion from Glendalough snige sig bag på uvidende ofre – . Men måske ville det knibe med pladsen 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting post for me as I was on Samso twice, in the 1990, on sailing trips. But I never managed to see much of the island beyond the harbour. The first time we arrived in the late afternoon and left again the next morning. So we stayed around the harbour only. The second time we found the harbour too full of boats, with no good spot to stay. So we immediately left for the mainland again. Glad I can now see more of this island and it’s interesting history: thanks for sharing.

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