A bit higher level of walking

Y 88

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Visiting Andorra or as officially named the Principality of Andorra isn’t boring at all.
This amazing worth visiting nature added those amazing people a place full of history.
Today leaving the safe civilization to see pieces of the stunning sceneries of the Pyrenees.
Next  week we’ll keep ourselves within the city limits.
Walking or hiking here – really be great exercise of the muscles, in particular the legs.

Y 90

Y 91 Y 92 Y 93 Y 89 Y 94 Y 95 Y 96

8 tanker om “A bit higher level of walking

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  2. Your photos are superb, but I’m very partial to wild flowers. They strive so hard to be seen, but are seldom noticed. Thanks for taking the little guys likeness.

  3. Thanks for the walk with restless Jo!

    Your photos are wonderful – partial to the first shot – that mountain right up in the buildings – and the people…..
    But then you have unique angles in each photo -very nice highlight of s beautiful place!

  4. Your photographs are radiant, yet I’m exceptionally inclined toward wild blooms. They endeavor so difficult to be seen, however are from time to time took note. A debt of gratitude is in order for taking the little folks similarity.

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