Our grey world isn’t all grey

B 38

All in all, just another color on the wall, grey isn’t just grey.
Grey is an intermediate color between black and white.
It is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color “without color”.

Compromise in colors is grey
*Edi Ram – albanian politican*

B 39 B 40

B 36


10 thoughts on “Our grey world isn’t all grey

  1. I do love the colour gray !
    Apart that hat it has plenty of different nuances , as annabelletroy says, it makes a beautiful contrast with all the other colours….
    Your pics are awesome, Drake!

  2. Awesome post, Drake! I also love the idioms, “Gray Matter” (group of important cells in the cerebral cortex area) and “Gray Area” (term used for loopholes). Super cool pics, too. All the best to you, Kat.

  3. A lovely post, LDN! Grey is of interest to me lately. Never… never did I ever think I would put grey in an Art Gown, Now, well, I’m using grey in a beautiful way! I can hardly wait to finish & for you to see her! 😀

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