Size matters

Flensburg 3

Daily prompt “Giant“.

Size attracts us with magnetic power.
Either we become fascinated by gigantic sizes or ultra small sizes.
The in-between we often take for granted and less interesting.

There might as well be a tiny man inside a giant
as there may be a giant inside a tiny man.

7 tanker om “Size matters

  1. These giants seem to rule our world these days, Drake. I don’t mind them on the open seas but must they intrude in places like Venice, Dubrovnik, Santorini? How many more will be ruined till it stops? 😦

  2. A clever conclusion in your text – a giant inside a tiny man. Tiny men often have gigantic appetites 🙂 I am not crazy about cruise ships on account of what they are doing to our coastal towns, but I have been told by some cruise ship travelers that they are a very comfy mode of travel. Still, I think that this type of leisurely travel is not for me. These people sleep on the floating giants, have all meals there and only stop out to view at a few site, snap their cameras with selfie sticks and buy souvenirs. Cruise ship port charges should be greater I think, to make it worth to all of us.

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