Roots of south american origin


The potato belongs botanically the nightshade family and originates from South America.
Where it has been known and cultivated for more than 3000 years.
Especially in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The potato came to Europe in 1537 with the spanish soldiers,
as Emperor Charles of Spain had sent to explore the New World far away west.
They brought them home together with all the stolen Inca gold.

In the 1600s, during and after the 30 Years War the potato was almost the only crop
as the starving europeans could obtain to eat.
But many wouldn’t eat potatoes and would rather died of hunger.

Later on so the potato have saturated many and still do.

Daily prompt “Sated“.


2 thoughts on “Roots of south american origin

  1. There was also the devastating ‘potato famine’ the Great Hunger in Ireland when the tubers were infected with blight… Over a million died and a similar number emigrated… now thank goodness they have blight-resistant crops. Great photo, great post!

  2. There are many potatoes harvested in Canada every year. They feed millions.Of course, I eat very few , as I try to maintain my slim weight.
    The fact is, I am a very, very, very lucky person to worry about my weight when many in the world are starving.

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