Tomorrow never dies


Tomorrow never die, but it do change.

The protrusions on the coastline receives the libation of the greedy waves.
Knowing that it isn’t a gracious visits only from the sea.
When the echo of this aquatic inferno has settled.
This world here has changed forever and this change is ongoing.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme last week “Pick a word in december

The five selectable keywords to choose from:

The title here is borrowed from a James Bond movie.

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  2. Wow! Did you take this incredible image or you took it from an adventure book? Incredible! You changed amiable to gracious, but I am OK with that and am quite impressed with your compilation. Thank you, Drake!

    • #.paula
      Yeah that’s a mistake in the hurry, but both words can be used… 😀

      It’s my own – never borrow photos but only titles… 😀

      It’s the Irish Sea knocking on south of Liverpool and Wirral, actually a bit south of river Dee too – so it’s northern Wales – so glad you enjoyed the view… 🙂

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      • Still…. I would be afraid to be there. Although I would like to see the Irish Sea, why does the water get so angry?
        The wheat on the prairies waves beautifully in the winds, and who could drown?
        I feel the sea could take a person… and then keep them, forever!

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