Five of a kind


Age isn’t a matter of years or external façade, it’s right between our ears.

Daily prompt “Year“.

G 94

Sometimes we don’t know that we are looking for, before we find it – even a view.

Daily prompt, “Specific“.

C 79

Many things aren’t to big for floating.

Daily prompt “Float“.

B 89

Crossings sometimes gives more than just the movement.

Daily prompt “Crossing“.

C 19

Climbing up by bike or feet, often worth nothing except for the view on the top.

Daily prompt “Hopeful“.

20 tanker om “Five of a kind

  1. An unbelievable sequence of beautiful pictures, each one is spectacular in its way. My favourite are the second and the fourth. I like also the thoughts matched with them. But I’m not completely sure you are right about “age” 😦 … 😀

    • #.resa
      Yeah “5 of a kind in poker” – never play strip poker with a canadian with wild cards – you will be naked before you could say “royal flush”… 😀 😀 😀

      • Lol!! 😀
        Agree, never play strip poker with a Canadian who wears many layers of clothes to stay warm, and who holds wild cards! xo
        OMG! Who’s naked? Royal flush… Royal blush .. omg Royal………………….

    • #.paula
      Yeah you are right, I found out when you mentioning it – I had forgotten it, because I’m soooooo oooooold… 😀 😀 😀

      One thing always fascinates me, the light in mountains – amazing no matter spring, summer, fall or winter… 🙂

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