Breakfast in the wild


Daily prompt “Expectation“.

Don’t know what this furry teddy expected.?
In my aspiration just about a curious interest in if there were more honey bread.
Different expectations can often meet halfway.
From a six or seven years old wild nature experience.

7 tanker om “Breakfast in the wild

    • #.robyn
      I guess the furry teddy could hear a honey sandwich call even if it was miles away. But it wasn’t proud being too close to my black mountain bike, so at least it didn’t steal the bike… 😀

      • I almost squealed when I say your picture because in my culture, that kind of encounter is very auspicious; it’s a sort of calling for spiritual purpose. I’ve had a few of such encounters too – yes, with bears. I wasn’t sure of how you got the picture, but now I feel quite confident about being able to happily smile about this event for you. And yes, good job, he didn’t take your bike! LOL.

    • #.postcardedge
      It isn’t so dramatic as it looks like and the furry teddy wasn’t in bad mood. Actually it was a bit worry about my mountain bike, probably it didn’t know how to use it… 😀

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