Masquerade in the streets

Some “Swiss Ladies” and others like her had conquered the streets of Basel.
It’s not a nightmare, coz it took on for the whole day.
Not creepy at all,  carnival through the city.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

10 tanker om “Masquerade in the streets

  1. Amazing masks, Drake! Who knew that the Swiss could be so colourful? I was watching a certain tennis player strutting his stuff last night. The years have been kind to him 🙂 🙂 Thank you very much! My walking this week has mostly been among the lovely carpets of wild flowers in the Algarve hills.

  2. Of course I know of the Basel Fasnacht and was even there once for the “Morgenstreich” when it begins early on Monday morning. Then the groups have their own special self made lanterns and it is very impressive. I live in Kanton Solothurn, and Solothurn also has a very large Fasnacht. I used to watch the processions and take the kids when they were smaller, but today no longer. I went once to take some photos, but it is not my thing. The people that take part usually belong to an official group and create their floats and constumes during the year. The whole carnival experience is not for me, too hectic and turning the night into day I was never keen on. Wonderful photos – I know it all so well.

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