Lac Miroir not far from Bourg Saint Maurice in french Savoie.

Cee and her worth visting Odd Ball Twenty-Seventeen challenge as the inspiring push.

High level of atmosphere 1/2

Highly located in the landscape, the medieval village of Èze with a view over the other Èze.

Èze small french settlement which actually consists of 2 villages:
Èze – Village, which located on top of a cliff.
Èze – Bord de Mer, which lies next to the Mediterranean Sea.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

The Mediterranean is beautiful, even at a distance from the heights.

Possibility of coffee breaks as well.

Nature and architecture in harmony.

Lots of inspiring atmosphere calls creative souls.

Most streets are similar to this, full of atmosphere.

Everyday used object have been turned into a decorated object.

Sculpture created with the surroundings as an inspirational kick.