Tougher than the rest

Statue of Liberty in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

Goddess of the world’s toughest job.

The statue itself was french donated to the United States in 1876.
Completed by the french sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi,
With Gustave Eiffel assistance to the internal steel structure and established in 1886.
The foundation itself (the socket) under the statue was funded by the United States.

As I know, there are two copies more:
At the western entrance to Paris by the river Seine on the tiny island Cygnes.
At a large roundabout in southern Colmar (the artist’s home town)

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme this week “Female“.

7 tanker om “Tougher than the rest

  1. I was at this very spot four years ago, taking pictures of the same lady. Thank you so much, Drake. A great symbol of female power and strength!

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  3. Je me souviens bien de ma surprise, il y a environs 30 ans… quand j’ai découvert cette statue à Paris! C’est une belle vision dans un un beau jardin! 🙂

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