13 tanker om “At first sight

  1. The potato fields are where I had many dreams, held many fears and sought a true love.
    I was very young and it was a muddy day. They gave me galoshes to wear in the field. We had to pick all of the potatoes, because that night there was to be a frost.
    How could I let him see me in galoshes? I hid on the floor of the truck. They all thought I was too, spoiled to pick potatoes. In fact, I had my first crush, and there was no way he could see me in galoshes. I did not look cute in galoshes!

      • i was terrified he would hate me in galoshes!
        I have never worn them since. I look cute in mini skirts, shortie coats and jackets.
        I actually believe you would think I look cute in galoshes.
        Well, you weren’t there that autumn day.
        Hey! I bet you look cute in galoshes! 😀 xox

        • My favorite was only in shorts barefoot and shirtless – day long, year around – but my mum didn’t allow this in the winter. 😀 😀 😀

          My clothes were worn very quickly. 😀

          • Your mum was right! You would get sick!
            I expect boys would wear out their clothes quickly.
            My mum kept very good care of all my pretty dresses. I was always sad when I got to big for them.
            Of course, i always wore white ankle socks, cute black Mary-Jane shoes & white wrist gloves with them. ..Never galoshes… they totally ruined the outfit!
            We would have been quite a pair, me in my dresses & you half undressed! 😀 xx 😀

  2. J’adore le ciel qui change et s’habille (lui, oui, il le fait 😀 ) de nouvelles belles couleurs! ❤

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