Seaside mood up close

A pole with markings on, they shows historical water heights at storm floods.

Another day in the danish waterway Limfjorden, “lim” is related to the english word “lime”.

The waterway Limfjorden has inlets both from the North Sea from the west
and Kattegat from the east and hence separates the island of North Jutlandic
from the rest of the peninsula of Jutland – isn’t a fjord in the english geological sense.
In danish, as in norwegian, the term “fjord” can refer to a wide range of waterways.

The lime layer contains many fossils, as sea urchins, octopuses, etc.
Many collectors spend a lot of time here expanding their collections.

A street in the smallere town Logstor,  In worse case this street can be under water.

Traffic jam under two of the bridges.


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