Through the Twenty-Eighteen

Vosges mountains in Alsace.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her Monday walk” themes.

Not one walk, but 12 experiences of mine through Twenty-Eighteen.

French Alps.

Music also a classic part of Liverpool.

Tiny danish island of Samsø, the old historic Besser vicarage.

Early part of the year, french partytime.

Not everyone know, how colorful Greenland could be.

Beware of the tempting mermaids in the Mediterranean.

Andorra and the Pyrenees as a hidden european oasis.

Malta, a gem in the Mediterranean, seems dismissive but no.

Bird colony on german island of Helgoland, strangers can be accepted.

Innsbruck, austrian inspiration at its best.

Corsican fanfare, all senses awakened on the island
– there definitely is its own, in a fantastic way.