Pigs with space

Mother pig with piglets, although Alderney is very small
– so there is space for free-range pigs too.

Abandoned Alderney

Alderney has a manageable size, on borrowed mountain bikes too.
On the south coast lies the old abandoned port of Cachalière Pier.
Curiosity “required” to borrow a small boat, have to see it from the sea too.

Rocky seaside

Fort Clonque is a 19th-century coastal fortress in Alderney.
Built at a time when french naval power,
was becoming an increasing concern to the british.
Built on a rocky outcrop of land joined to the island by a causeway
– that can be submerged at high tide.
It was manned by fifty men and fortified with up to 10 guns,
mostly 68-pounders, however none was ever fired in anger.

Scenes from a Gene Kelly film were shot at Fort Clonque in 1953.

The fort fell into disuse before being rescued by investors in 1966,
it now provides comfortable self-catering accommodation for up to 13 people.

Caught in different angles and tidal.