High heels at night

Some things do not need light to light up.

Speedy voyage

Speed gets another expression in twilight, at sea too.
Leaving the british island of Alderney almost like with the Devil in the heels.
However it wasn’t that bad, just heading directly to the french mainland.
Port de Dielette is waiting at the end of our speedy voyage.

Give way, railway

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands.
Though it is the most northerly, is actually the closest to France,
which is only a bit less than 10 kilometers away.

As the only of the Channel islands, it still have a railway.
The amazing distance of a bit more than 3 kilometers.
With 2 stations and some pitstops.
The Alderney Railway was opened in 1847.
The railway is run by volunteers
– usually operates during summer weekends and bank holidays.

Its original purpose was to carry stone from the eastern end of the island
– to build the breakwater and the victorian era forts.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Headquarters at the east end of the track
One of the enthusiasts meets to work / hobby.

Along the route.