Long-term parking

The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness
*Brian A. McBride – american author*

The fact that some do abandoned something,
gives others the opportunity to find it.
Could it be called a win-win situation, or a lose-win situation.?
Okay abandonment like this isn’t quite right, but quite interesting to find.

All reach by mountain bike

Short august impressions from the living Alsace.

Almost exactly in the middle of german Saarbrucken and french Strasbourg.
In the northern Alsace is Villa René Lalique located, a double Michelin star restaurant.
Stars  can be eaten, but the food there is outstanding wonderful.

Alsace is often called the french pantry.
Guess that France is almost one huge pantry.
But the food in Alsace makes the angels sing.

Train operation in France is quite excellent.
Not as precise as german and not as imprecisely as danish.

Glass artists have very often an impressive hot indoor work,
that beat outdoor summer heat of several lengths.

Creative green supplemental energy.