Visual upheaval

Autumn arrives and green colors are transformed by lots of creativity.
In Alsace, too, nature may not rebuild but repaint.
On the edge to the west where Alsace leans towards the Vosges
– there the view changes almost every single day.


Haphazardly around

Sweet for the sweet, so I’ll have a cup of coffee.

A bit “haphazardly” through the northern part of Alsace,
added mountain biking and glances for random things.
Added even more – countless coffee breaks.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Old materials put together again – gentle renovation.

A french thistle who doesn’t know it is october and autumn.
This kind of flower is actually scottish national flower.

The view is confined
– but green vegetation trying to look out anyway.

Fortunately, bikes have saddle to sit on,
so there shouldn’t be relied on dubious benches.

Viewed through an open gate,
probably equipment for a new StarWars movie.???

Green avenue.

So much reminiscent of an old Pink Floyd cover.
Think the cow knows it, doesn’t it looks a little arrogant.?

Last train has been run quite a long time ago.?


Shit happens with trouble

Toilets in model form World War One seen in some fortresses of Alsace
– used by both french and german soldiers (not at the same time).
The facilities have just changed “owners” a few times during the years.
In fact, there were sometimes air deficiencies in the underground plants.
No electricity, both petrol lamps and candles often went out due to lack of oxygen.
Unpleasant and dangerous to the soldiers, almost as dangerous as the war itself.