Shit happens with trouble

Toilets in model form World War One seen in some fortresses of Alsace
– used by both french and german soldiers (not at the same time).
The facilities have just changed “owners” a few times during the years.
In fact, there were sometimes air deficiencies in the underground plants.
No electricity, both petrol lamps and candles often went out due to lack of oxygen.
Unpleasant and dangerous to the soldiers, almost as dangerous as the war itself.

2 thoughts on “Shit happens with trouble

  1. Erg, hè … Die jongens hadden niks . . . , vreseiijk . . . En, die weinige die die loopgravenoorlog hadden overleeft, stierven na de oorlog alsnog aan verschrikkelijke ziektes. Ik kan ze zo vlug niet noemen … Maar, dat geeft je wel te denken, dacht ik zo … Ik ga voor Mieppie zorgen, ze wordt vervelend, doei!

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