Multifunctional vehicle

Maybe this father and his son are on the mail tour
grocery delivery, pharmacy trip, or anything else.

The Wadden Sea is an intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea.
The residents of the area have adapted to their daily lives and their equipment
– on the rules of nature, as if this is quite ordinary life.

The Wadden Sea lies between the coast of northwestern continental Europe
and the range of low-lying Frisian Islands,
forming a shallow body of water with tidal flats and wetlands.
The area has a very high biological diversity
and is an important area for both breeding and migrating birds.
Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Wadden Sea stretches from Den Helder, in the northwest of the Netherlands,
past the great river estuaries of Germany to Skallingen in Denmark.
Along a total coastline of some 500 km and a total area of about 10,000 km².

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