Night watch

The Beni Guil is an arabic tribe with descent back to ancient roots.
In the 10th century their ancestors were given the right of goat grazing here.
The area of the most southeastern Morocco and most western Algeria.

The goats are of great importance to the tribe in many ways.
Therefore, they are taken good care of – especially at night.

8 tanker om “Night watch

  1. Sir, I used to have a herd of 40 + Goats & 18 Sheep, they were the most wonderful animals a man could make friends with, when I first met them, I did a lot of stupid things, like chase them down to come and be milked, and then one day it struck me that they understood the plain English Language, So I just said to them, No One Eats until Every-one is milked, and guess what they lined up like soldiers ready for battle, Man it made my life a lot easier, every one of my animals had a name & knew it……When I had to Butcher one, I held it in my arms, and shared our love for one another as I slit it’s throat, we always faced to the West & the setting Sun, and my heart poured out it’s blood with every one of them, such a Great Sacrifice!

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