Could signs have attitude or signal problems.?
Out of the darkness appears a sign,
which signals openness with open arms
– and so it actually means access prohibited.

Horizontally and vertically

In a row both horizontally and vertically.
With one of those humoristic twinkles in the eye:
When we vacation and enjoy the freedom
– it happens very often in such surroundings.
Most similar prison cells and cage chicken homes
– perhaps the only difference that they can be unlocked from the inside.

Inspired by this week theme “In a row” in the “Friendly Friday”.
Something to ponder about

Which way

Up stairs or down stairs should only be a matter of direction.
But maybe there is a psychological difference, but only illusory.?
Montmartre, an area with many stairs – yeah guess, both up and down.
Upwards just as on the way, downwards just as on the way away.?

Both seen from above and below.