Winter mood in Alsace, the only white is clouds in the sky.
The fields lie dormant wearing earth-colored “nightwear”,
or perhaps more indicative said earth-colored nudity.

Abandoned swimming pool

Peaceful and idyllic house with available swimming pool.
Sounds like a “must have” to many people.
Swimming pools tend to be overloaded with noisy people.
Although Alsace is “concentrated” in many ways.
Where culture, history, agriculture, business, infrastructure seem dominant.
Then there are places too, with the possibility of privacy without curious neighbors.

Abandoned of colors

A weather-related gray and foggy afternoon in the Alsace area.
What’s more relevant than visiting an abandoned factory.
No colors added, they are natural and not color regulated.
The place is well hidden by trees and shrubs, hard to find.
– but the walls are decorated, so there have been visits before.
Hard to see what has been of production in the building.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.