Cool butterfly

Alsace now, it is assumed to be winter according to the calendar.
Nevertheless meet a creature that is expected to be a sign of non-winter.

Surrounded by intricacy

Signs and decoration on woodwork are similar to being secret signals.
Buildings in Alsace are rich in these kinds of fun intricacies.
The construktions are very impressive in many different ways.

Some of the roof surfaces are most similar to flat cobblestones.
it requires very solid underpinning due to the weight.

Hidden nudity

Alsace, a lake on a quiet january winter day.
Hides its nudity by mirroring the surroundings.

The naked “wounds” in the forest are hidden by a green carpet of moss.

The pebbles seem at a distance to be a rug,
but seen closely, they break the uniformity.

Some green growths don’t know it’s winter and keep the color,
while stones use camouflage as if they had enemies.