Sounds of music

The sounds in my mind just come to me
Come see, come see
*lines from a Moody Blues song*
Sound of music can comes from everywhere if we dare.

Sea creatures

We humans have different relationships with the sea.
Think it depends on how early we are “thrown” into it.
This ten-year-old girl (a few years ago) is almost born in the sea.
Crept along the beach (under supervision) even before she could walk.
With respect but without fear, she see herself as a sea creature.

Inspired by this week theme “Sea creatures” in the “Friendly Friday”.
Something to ponder about

Track to the sky

Gare de Aéroport Charles de Gaulle at Paris.
Major supplier and major recipient of many travelers to and from the city of cities.
Think it’s possible to walk around all day long there
– said with a twinkle in the eye, without seeing one single plane.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.