Restoration (impossible)

Fire in brand new cars in a sales show building, now they all have the same color.

Most things, from time to time, need a recovery.
It comes to us people, architecture, landscapes and so on.
Sometimes it happens too late so the changes become changes
– instead of preserving what it was before.
Or the change has happened so suddenly, so reversion is missed forever.

*Debbie and “Travel with intent” with the theme “Restoration” as the inspiring kick*

Coffee conversations

Mobile coffee unit offering takeaway coffee in the center of danish Aarhus,
seen a few years ago at the square in front of the local cathedral.
What a fantastic idea, much conversation starts with two cups of coffee.
Why not starts while people are walking through the streets.?

Inspired by this week theme “Coffee conversations” in the “Friendly Friday”.
The Sandy Chronicles

Fairy tale with unknown end

The “Sleeping Beauty in the Woods“, classic fairy tale first known about mid-1300s
– about a princess who is cursed to sleep for many years by an evil fairy,
where she only could be awakened by a handsome prince.
When the good fairy hears this she knew that the princess
– would be frightened if she found herself alone when she wakes up.
So the fairy uses her wand to put every living person and animal in the palace
– to sleep until the princess awakes.
Sometimes it happens to old abandoned vehicles in the woods too.

Just waiting for the prince.

Short story

Been told that life isn’t black and white, but all grey.
Not true, but some say this kind of weather is politician weather.
Acting while you can’t see anything.?

If this was London and not Albert Docks in Liverpool.
Then it could almost be the start of a Charles Dickens short story.?

Totally surrounded by nothing

Throughout the years, laughter has been made about the famous british fog.
Usually most of all these jokes are attached to London, but that city isn’t alone.
Liverpool, here at the Albert Docks, also join the game.
The adjacent water surface is completely blurred by “the “soup”.

Or as Onslow probably would have said: “Ohh nice, totally surrounded by nothing”.?