A fugitive crosses his tracks

Lonely hillside tree on tiny danish island of Samsø.

(the title is borrowed from a Aksel Sandemose book title)

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Straight coastlines, no the twisted are more exciting and longer too.

House for tourists, free to be alone – but on a tiny island people aren’t far away.

A cute little beach bird, maybe a beach boy too – don’t know.

Old equipment on a small former farm.

Field boulders used as base stones.

Ancient tomb place.

Even on a tiny island, neighbors can be on distance.

Coastal thoughts

Often coastal areas can often provide “headache” in terms of what is this and that.
So at least for us who aren’t professionals – then we have to ask.
So fishing nets for drying, protective breakwater
– and a bird from the very large Sandpipers family,
– this “Tringa nebularia” knows exactly what it is looking for.

Speaking of the bird so it has almost as many totally different names
– as there are languages in the world, neither consensus nor logic in them all.