Without rush and stress

Dealing with nature include some extra work.
Even after a very gentle winter, a little repair is needed.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Can something on a tiny island be set apart from the rest.
The small fishing village Langør does, with its 20 houses.
There may be 8-10 people living year-round,
the rest could be called weekend residents.
In former times it was an important harbor – a “skipper village”
– with a dozen small cargo sail boats.
In particular, sailed some of the island-grown potatoes to Norway.
It was said with a twinkle in eye that they returned with women the other way
– at least some in the northern part of the island have norwegian roots.

The sky changes color during the day.

Winter has been so gentle that autumn’s fruits haven’t disappeared yet.

Bathers from the sea enjoy the sunshine.

Public employeed greenkeepers.